ARTIST: Coral Bones
DATE: September 15, 2015
STORY: Coral Bones premiere "Queensway" via The WILD Magazine                                                CONTEXT: The WILD was founded on the premise that fashion and popular culture are not mutually
exclusive from the social and environmental issues that impact our world                                         QUOTE: "The Connect team found us in a moment of uncertainty, searching for a means to make a career out of our passion. The night they flew out to meet us in our hometown & catch a show of ours at our 300 cap local venue, we were immediately impressed with their ambition & insight into the changing landscape of the music industry, & we’ve been pals since.  Since that first meeting, they’ve represented us beautifully, including a SXSW hookup in front of tastemakers, & a Pop Matters debut, which is still blowing my mind. They took a relatively no-name band out of a southwest mountain town and put us on the track to our place in the industry, based on love for our songs." -Chris Bennion of Coral Bones