ARTIST: Solvey
DATE: August 24, 2015
STORY: Premiere: Solvey - “Til the Sun” Video via Under The Radar
CONTEXT: Under the Radar is an indie music magazine that prints five issues a year, is distributed across North America and internationally.  
QUOTE: "I feel like the juiciest cherry picked from the tree.CONNECT picked me and so it goes.The relationship works for me because I can't stand the small talk etc that happens around releasing music - I gotta skip that and luckily for me, my first impression with CONNECT was through Joel Ford and he's not one of those people that say "I'm for the music" type people, he just is.  It's a time to do what-I-want-when-I-want and these people get that about me, so we're good." -Jessica Zambri of Solvey