ARTIST: Coral Bones
DATE: August 20, 2015
STORY: Coral Bones "Third Degree" (Audio Premiere) via PopMatters                                             CONTEXT: PopMatters is an international magazine of cultural criticism and analysis. They currently have over 1.4 million unique readers per month, and counting. Among those readers, Entertainment Weekly has listed PopMatters as one of its favorite popular culture websites.                                                                 QUOTE: "The Connect team found us in a moment of uncertainty, searching for a means to make a career out of our passion. The night they flew out to meet us in our hometown & catch a show of ours at our 300 cap local venue, we were immediately impressed with their ambition & insight into the changing landscape of the music industry, & we’ve been pals since.  Since that first meeting, they’ve represented us beautifully, including a SXSW hookup in front of tastemakers, & a Pop Matters debut, which is still blowing my mind. They took a relatively no-name band out of a southwest mountain town and put us on the track to our place in the industry, based on love for our songs." -Chris Bennion of Coral Bones